About Company

JSC “Podolsk Refractories” is a leading producer of fused cast products for the glass sector and steel industry in Russia and has more than 100 customers. This strong position covers all segments of the glass industry: besides close contacts with container, medical and float glass producers, JSC “Podolsk Refractories” has excellent experience in the special glass segment.

JSC “Podolsk Refractories” produces refractories mainly for the Russian and CIS glass markets. The site is equipped with two electric arc furnaces, producing alumina-zirconia-silica (AZS) and alumina fused cast products. The main product line consists of fused cast AZS blocks called “BK” (manufactured according to the Russian standard GOST 23053-78). These materials are mostly used by the glass industry to construct side-walls, bottom and superstructure of glass melting furnaces. This product group includes BK-33, BK-37, and BK-41 grades containing 33 wt.%, 37 wt.%, and 41wt.% zirconia, respectively. The second product line are alumina (corundum) fused cast products termed KEL which are used in the glass industry as well as in the ferrous and nonferrous metal sectors. The grade KEL-93 containing 93 wt.% alumina is used as lining of holding zone bottoms of reheating furnaces. The grade KEL-95 containing 95 wt.% alumina is used in glass melting furnaces for lining the working ends and feeder channels. The third product group includes high-temperature mixes: dry zircon-containing concretes of grades “BZ-5” and “BZ-0,5”, refractory AZS mortar “Zirasil”, crushed AZS “KBO-1”. 

The quality management system of the company is certified according ISO 9001: 2015.

30More than 30 years on the market of fused cast products
200Over 200 completed projects
100Over 100 major customers

Company Background


Since October, after leaving the group and changing its name to JSC “Podolsk Refractories”, the Company has started its independent operation. Throughout all its history and to this day, the aims of the Company have been innovation and credibility in order to satisfy the customer’s requirements.


In June, RHI completed acquisition of CJSC “Podolsk Refractories”, and the same year the company was renamed to CJSC “RHI Podolsk Refractories.” When being a part of RHI, the Company got a boost of its further technological development. A number of successful projects based on the expertise of the group helped to considerably improve the quality of manufactured products.


In December, OJSC “Podolskogneupor” underwent restructuring and the fused cast business was spun off into the separate entity CJSC “Podolsk Refractories” situated in Shcherbinka at the southern border of Moscow.


Establishment of Podolsk Refractories Plant (later — OJSC “Podolskogneupor”). In the former Soviet Union, the company used to be one of the major refractory manufacturers for the steel and glass industries.